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Will You Get More Financial Aid as an Independent Student?

Independent students generally receive more financial aid from FASFA than dependent students. Learn about how much more independent students receive than dependent students and what qualifies a student as independent.

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What is Financial Aid for College?

What is financial aid? College financial aid programs can help offset your education costs and make attending school more affordable.

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How Long Does It Take to Receive FAFSA Money

The FAFSA timeline is important to understand in order to receive financial aid for college. Learn about the FAFSA timeline in this article.

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Explaining Expected Family Contribution (EFC): Charts and Definitions

Understanding how much money your family is expected to help pay for your college expenses is important to decide which schools are best for you. This article breaks down EFC and how it affects your financial aid.

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How Much Financial Aid Can You Get Per Semester?

A big part of college is affordability. Read here to learn about different types of financial aid and what you may qualify for.

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What is a Dependent Student and How Dependent Student Status Affects Your Financial Aid

Being an independent or a dependent student can have an affect on your financial aid. This article expands on the affects of being an independent student.

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How to Read Your Financial Aid Award Letter with Examples

Getting a financial aid letter can often leave you with questions and confusion. This article will help you read and understand your financial aid award.

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How to Fill Out the FAFSA If Your Parents Are Divorced

Filling out the FAFSA with divorced parents is slightly more complicated, but with a little preparation, you can complete the form and qualify for financial aid.

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