Student Loan Refinance Rates Comparison All Lenders

We have assembled a list of rates across all of the student loan refinance companies as of December 21, 2021.

Here are the fixed starting rates, assembled from lowest to highest. Includes autopay and Juno discounts where applicable. See lenders for terms. 

  1. Brazos - 2.15% (Texas residents only)
  2. Earnest (through Juno) - 2.19%
  3. Laurel Road - 2.25%
  4. Nelnet - 2.30%
  5. Citizens - 2.44%
  6. Earnest (without Juno) - 2.44%
  7. ISL - 2.44%
  8. Education Loan Finance - 2.47%
  9. LendKey - 2.49%
  10. SoFi - 2.49%
  11. Mefa - 2.50%
  12. Commonbond - 2.59%
  13. Advantage Education - 2.84%
  14. PenFed - 2.89%
  15. EDvestinU - 2.19%
  16. College Ave - 2.99%
  17. INvestEd - 3.47%

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SmarterCollege Team

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