International Students: Don't overpay for mandatory American health insurance

International students can save money on mandatory health insurance

As an International Student studying in the United States, you know that the tuition cost is high but did you know that you’ll also have to purchase mandatory student health insurance? 

Most students usually just take the default insurance, provided from the school, which ends up being the most expensive. They don’t realize there are other, better options.

That’s why Juno did the research and uncovered the best health insurance deal for international students on the market, reducing the costs even further thanks to group buying power.

Nicolas, a member of our team who is an international student at Wharton himself, knows international students are tired of paying the exorbitant costs of mandatory school health insurance. So he dug into the problem and uncovered a way to potentially save you thousands of dollars.

You can access the same deal he negotiated, and used himself, for free, by joining Juno. 

How does it work?

We are working with GBG, a company specializing in international insurance products with more than 35 years in the market, to provide affordable insurance for our international students. They are the backbone for several other popular international insurance offerings.

The process is simple – you’ll put in some basic information such as school, name, etc. and then be able to purchase the insurance package. Once complete, you’ll be prompted to send a waiver petition to your university. GBG programs are tailored to specifically address your university waiver requirements!

We hope this deal can save you some money and will continue to look for new ways to help out our international members. Join us.  

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SmarterCollege came into existence to help students and families save money through scholarships, student loans and other financial products. The SmarterCollege Team has worked with tens of thousands of students and families to help them save money.

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