25 Companies That Help Employees Pay Off Student Loans

Finding an employer that is willing to help pay off student debt is a generous perk. This article goes through a list of companies that you could work for that offer this benefit.

If you’re looking for help paying off your student loans, you might be able to get that help from your employer — as long as you can get a job with a company that offers a repayment benefit.

Here are some of the companies that pay off student loans.

25 Companies That Pay Off Student Loans

Depending on your employer, you could get some help with student loans. Few employers will pay off your entire debt, but you can get help and incentives for paying down your student loans. Here are some companies that help pay off student loans.

1. Abbott

This healthcare company allows you to contribute 2% of your paycheck to student loan repayment and will provide a 5% match into your 401(k) plan. This is an incentive to help you tackle your debt while allowing you to put money toward your future.

2. Aetna

This is one of the companies that pay off student loans with a matching program. Aetna will match up to $1,000 of your student loan repayment amounts annually, up to $5,000. Aetna also has a tuition assistance program.

3. AlloSource

As a research company AlloSource offers help to students who are trying to pay off their student loans. The company offers to put money toward your student loan principal each month.

4. Andersen Global

It makes sense that a financial consulting company like Andersen Global would be among the companies that help pay off student loans. If you meet the qualifications, you can receive up to $100 a month for student loan repayment. Then, after five years of working with the company, you could get a lump sum of up to $6,000, bringing the total potential help to $12,000.

5. Campus Philly

An education company, Campus Philly will contribute between $25 and $100 per month, depending on your minimum monthly payment. 

6. Chegg

Chegg is known for textbook rentals, but it also provides other educational resources. It’s possible to receive up to $5,000 per year to help you repay student loans. On top of that, Chegg also offers tuition assistance.

7. CommonBond

As a student loan refinancing company, CommonBond helps employees repay their own student loans. CommonBond is one of the companies that pay off student loans to the tune of $100 a month in helping until the loans are paid off.

8. Connelly Partners

This advertising agency offers a signing bonus of $1,000, which can be helpful when it comes to reducing student loan principal. On top of that employees can get up to $100 per month toward your loan payments.

9. Estee Lauder 

The popular cosmetics company has its own program designed to help employees tackle student loan debt. You can get up to $100 per month to help you with student loan repayment, with a lifetime cap of $10,000.

10. Fidelity

Another of the companies that pay off student loans is Fidelity. The financial services company helps its employees pay off up to $10,000 in student debt, reducing how much employees end up paying in interest and other costs.

11. First Republic Bank

This bank focuses on helping students pay off student loans by offering $1,200 for the year during the first year of employment, $1,800 for the second year and $2,400 each year after. There’s no lifetime cap on repayment, so borrowers can get help paying down their debt indefinitely.

12. Google

Tech giant Google offers its employees up to $2,500 a year in student loan repayment benefits. Employees have to be based in the U.S., and there is no lifetime cap.

13. Hulu

Streaming company Hulu provides up to $100 per month — $1,200 per year — as part of their effort to help employees pay down their student loans.

14. Kronos

Another of the companies that pay off student loans is the software development company Kronos. While the exact numbers aren’t available, the company does offer a student loan repayment benefit to its employees, as well as providing a tuition reimbursement program.

15. Live Nation

Concert and entertainment company Live Nation provides up to $1,200 per year in student loan repayment assistance to its employees. There is a lifetime cap of $6,000, however. On top of that, there’s a tuition reimbursement program.

16. New York Life

One of the most well-known insurance companies, New York Life is also interested in its employees’ well-being. You can get up to $10,200 in help repaying your student loans over the course of five years.

17. Nvidia

The graphics card maker Nvidia offers up to $500 per month to help its employees pay off student loan debt. The lifetime cap on student loan help from Nvidia is $30,000.

18. Penguin Random House

Book publisher Penguin Random House is among the companies that pay student loans. There is a lifetime limit of $9,000, with the publisher offering up to $100 per month for student loan payments.

19. Pricewaterhouse Cooppers

You can have the large accounting firm pay your loan servicer directly, to the tune of up to $100 per month. There’s a lifetime cap of $10,000, but this monthly benefit could help you save money as you pay off your loans faster.

20. Public Prep

The education company Public Prep will pay 10% of your student loan payment, up to $100 per month. There’s no lifetime cap, so working for this company could potentially help you with your cash flow, or help you get rid of your debt faster.

21. Pure Insurance 

This insurance company helps its employees by offering up to $1,200 per year in student loan repayment benefits. 

22. RubiconMD

RubiconMD offers econsults in the telehealth space. If you work for this company, you could potentially get up to $200 per month to help you pay down your student loan debt.

23. Staples

Back-to-school isn’t just a selling opportunity for the office supply chain. Staples also offers up to $100 per month for 36 months, helping pay off student loans to the tune of $3,600.

24. The Goddard School

Education company The Goddard School will cover 20% of your monthly student loan payment, up to $100 per month. There’s no lifetime cap, so you could potentially get help paying on your student loans for years.

25. U.S. Government

Even the government is on board with helping people pay off their student loan debts. You can get up to $10,000 each year, with a lifetime cap of $60,000.

However, there are other student loan repayment assistance options, including the fact that if you work for the government for 10 years and make 120 qualifying payments, you could have your remaining balance discharged.

Bottom line

There are ways to reduce what you end up paying in student loans. One way is to use an organization like Juno to find a good refinancing deal to help you reduce your payments. You can also apply for work with a company that offers a student loan repayment benefit.

Juno can help you find the most affordable possible rates on private student loans. We negotiate on behalf of borrowers with partner lenders to help each student qualify for the best rates they can given their financial situation. 

Join Juno today to find out more about your options for affordable private student loans to help fund your degree. 

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