Nerdwallet Student Loan Refinance Review: What You Need to Know

You can't secure a NerdWallet refinance loan directly from the website, but a NerdWallet student loan refinance review may help you make the right choice.

NerdWallet is a financial comparison website that helps students learn about their loan options. While you cannot secure a NerdWallet refinance loan directly from the company, a NerdWallet student loan refinance review that you find on the company’s website may help you determine what refinancing loan is right for you. 

NerdWallet Student Loan Refinance Review: NerdWallet Refinance Loans at a Glance 

NerdWallet Refinance Loan Pros

  • NerdWallet refinance reviews can help you explore loan options: NerdWallet is an unbiased source of information about many different student loan refinance lenders. If you are interested in a particular refinance loan, you likely can find a NerdWallet student loan refinance review that tells you about the lender. 
  • NerdWallet makes it easy to shop for student loans: There are tables on the website where you can compare different lenders. 
  • NerdWallet provides a comprehensive choice of lender options: Although there are no NerdWallet refinance student loans, you can learn about many different lenders that NerdWallet works with, which means you'll have many loan providers to consider.

NerdWallet Refinance Loan Cons 

  • NerdWallet refinance loans aren't available: You cannot directly refinance your student loans with NerdWallet. 
  • Lender rates and terms vary dramatically: Because NerdWallet works with so many lenders, you will need to read carefully about each lender that you find on the NerdWallet site to determine if it is right for you. 

NerdWallet Refinance Student Loans: Interest rates, fees and terms

NerdWallet Refinance Reviews: Loan Options 

There is no such thing as NerdWallet refinance student loans, but there are links to refinance lenders on the company's website. You can find NerdWallet reviews about many different refinance lenders as well as reviews about private student loan lenders offering undergraduate loans and graduate loans

NerdWallet Refinance Loan Requirements 

Because you cannot obtain a NerdWallet refinance loan, you will need to check loan requirements for individual lenders that you find through NerdWallet. 

Some lenders have more stringent qualifying requirements than others, with many requiring a credit score of 670 or higher as well as a reasonable income. It's common for refinance loans you find through NerdWallet to require co-signers. 

NerdWallet Refinance Loan Repayment Terms 

Because there are no NerdWallet refinance student loans, you will need to check each individual NerdWallet student loan refinance review to find out the repayment terms for different lenders. There are many lenders offering different repayment terms, so it is possible to find loans with repayment timelines ranging from five to 20 years. 

NerdWallet Student Loan Repayment Options

Many refinance loans offered by NerdWallet come with flexible repayment schedules and allow deferment or forbearance for students who return to school or are completing their academic program. 

But remember that you need to check the terms and conditions of the specific loan you find through NerdWallet to determine when and how you'll be required to pay back your loan. 

Alternatives to a NerdWallet Student Loan 

NerdWallet can help make shopping for student loans easier, but you won't directly obtain a NerdWallet refinance loan, as the company doesn't actually offer loans. 

It's important to do your research carefully when looking for a loan provider since you want to make sure you get affordable loans at a good rate with low fees and a repayment timeline that makes sense for you. Juno can help. 

Juno offers student loan refinance loans through trusted partner lenders. We get groups of borrowers together and use the power of collective bargaining to negotiate on their behalf so each borrower can qualify for the most competitive rates and terms. Borrowers can qualify for exclusive savings and often will get much better rates and terms than are available from other loan companies. 

To find out more about how Juno can help you, join Juno today. 

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