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SmarterCollege Scholarship

Current Deadline: December 31, 2023

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Past Winners

March, 2021

Imani, Florida A&M

April, 2021

Anessa, FSCJ

May, 2021

Preet, Rowan University

June, 2021

Hannah, Temple University

July, 2021

David, Pomona College

August, 2021

Rumalda, UC Merced

September, 2021

Rakeba, Jersey College

October, 2021

Hailey, University of Akron

November, 2021

Ceci, California State University Los Angeles

December, 2021

Tristin, Gannon University

January, 2022

Nicolea, University of North Carolina Wilmington

February, 2022

Christina, Bay Path University

March, 2022

Melanie, Oklahoma State University

April, 2022

Lori, Roger Williams University

May, 2022

Kathryn, UC Santa Cruz

June, 2022

Alyssa, West Virginia University

July, 2022

Arianna, Iowa State University

August, 2022

Danielle, University Of Mississippi

July, 2023

Alani, San Jose State University

December, 2023